St. Saviours House, Walton Street, London SW3 1SA

Main Contractor: Rigby and Rigby
Value of Works: £600k

St. Saviours House is at the south end of St. Saviours Church.  It was separated off from the church to form a single dwelling the late 1990’s.  The front of St. Saviour’s Church remains in use as a place of worship.  The building is Statutory listed at Grade 2 and is within a conservation area.

Scope of works:  to construct a waterproof structure for a basement extension to the house.  This included the design, installation and removal of temporary works including mini piles; underpinning partial demolition; bulk excavation; underground drainage; waterproof concrete works including formwork and reinforcement to basement slab, basement walls and ground floor slab; construction of liftpit and borehole for hydraulic ram and some structural steelwork.

Programme period: 28 weeks
Completion date: April 2011